Part III.—Form of Memorandum of Association of a Proprietary Company

(Section 4)

1.  The name of the company is "Cascade Automobile Company (Proprietary) Limited".

2.  The registered office of the company will be situate in Seychelles,

3.  The objects for which the company is established are: —

(A.) to construct, equip and carry on the business of a petrol station and of a garage providing facilities for servicing and repairing motor vehicles and for selling spare parts required for motor vehicles at Cascade, Seychelles ;

(B) to carry on the business of petrol retailers, motor vehicle repairers and engineers, dealers in motor vehicle equipment and spares and dealers in new and second hand motor vehicles.

4.  The liability of the members of the company is limited.

5.  The share capital of the company consists of three hundred shares with a nominal value of fifty rupees each. The nominal capital of the company (being its nominal capital in respect of those shares) is fifteen thousand rupees.

6.  The original directors of the company shall be Henri des Isles and Jean Faubert who shall hold office for the terms of their respective lives, but may resign at any time by giving three months' notice of their intention to do so to the company.

We the several persons whose names and addresses are subscribed are desirous of being formed into a company to be governed by this memorandum of association.

Number of shares to be taken by each subscriber

1.  Henri des Isles of Cascade, Mahe,

Seychelles, Motor Engineer                                     150 shares

2.  Jean Faubert of Cascade, Mahe,

Seychelles, Motor Engineer                                     150 shares

Dated the                            day of                                 19

Witness to the above signatures :

Francis Henry Mackintosh, Victoria, Seychelles, Notary.