201.—(1) Any shareholder of a company who complains that the affairs of the company are being conducted in a manner which is oppressive or .unfairly prejudicial to some part of the share holders (including himself) or, in a case falling within section 190(3), the Registrar, may make an application by way of petition to the court for an order under this section.

(2) If on the hearing of the application the court is satisfied either : —

(a) that the applicant, either alone or together with other shareholders, has been treated oppressively in one or more respects- over a period of time, or that action has been taken by the persons who are or were in control of the affairs of the company, being action which was known by them to be likely to prejudice unfairly the interests of the applicant, either alone or together with other shareholders ; or

(b) the persons who are or were in control of the affairs of the company have been guilty of serious misconduct or breaches of duty which has or have prejudicially affected the interests of the applicant, either alone or together with other shareholders; the court may, with a view to bringing to an end or remedying the matters complained of, make such order as it thinks fit, whether for regulating the conduct of the company's affairs in future, or for the purchase of the shares of any shareholders of the company by other shareholders of the company or for the acquisition of any such shares by the company and, in the case of such an acquisition by the company, for the reduction accordingly of the company's capital, or otherwise.

(3)  Without prejudice to the generality of its powers under the last foregoing subsection, the court may order that : —

(a)   an action or other proceeding shall be brought in the company's name and conducted by any person (including the Registrar) appointed by the court;

(b)   a director, managing director or other officer or an auditor of the company shall be removed from any office, appointment or employment held by him under the company or its holding company or subsidiary, and that some other person nominated or approved by the court shall be appointed to any such office, appointment or employment in his place ;

(c)   any person shall be appointed to be a director or managing director of the company or of its holding company or subsidiary on such terms and condition as the court thinks fit;

{d) a dividend shall be paid by the company to shareholders or any class of shareholders of the company or by a subsidiary of the company to the company;

(e) any person shall pay damages or compensation to the company or to the applicant for any loss suffered in consequence of that person's misconduct or breach of duty.

(4)  Where an order under this section makes any alteration in or addition to any company's memorandum or articles, then, notwithstanding anything in any other provision of this Ordinance, but subject to the provisions of the order, the company concerned shall not have power without the leave of the court to make any further alteration in, or addition to, the memorandum or articles inconsistent with the provisions of the order ; but, subject to the foregoing provisions of this subsection, the alterations or additions made by the order shall be of the same effect as if duly made by resolution of the company, and the provisions of this Ordinance shall apply to the memorandum or articles as so altered or added to accordingly,

(5)  A copy of any order under this section altering or adtijng tp, or giving leave to alter or add to, a company's memorandum or articles shall, within fifteen days after the making thereof, be delivered by the company to the Registrar for registration ; and if a company makes default in complying with this subsection, the company and every officer of the company who is in default shall be liable to a default fine.

(6)  This section shall not come into operation until a date appointed by the Governor in Council by notice in the Gazette.