Regulations and Rules of Court

340.  The Chief Justice may make rules of court for regulating proceedings under this Ordinance (other than proceedings under Part VI thereof) and for specifying the fees payable in respect of such proceedings.

341.—(1) The Governor in Council may by order published in the Gazette—

(a)   alter, add to or rescind any Part of the First Schedule to this Ordinance ; and

(b)   amend the Seventh Schedule to this Ordinance.

(2) No alteration or addition to, or rescission of, any Part of the First Schedule made under this section shall affect any company which was registered or which expressly or by implication was governed by any provisions of those Parts immediately before the alteration, addition or rescission came into force.

342. The Governor in Council may make such regulations as appear to him to be necessary or expedient for carrying out the objects and provisions of this Ordinance, and in particular (but without prejudice to the generality ol the foregoing) such regulations may—

(a)   prescribe forms for the purposes of any provision of this Ordinance, whether forms of application or otherwise ;

(b)   prescribe anything which is to be or may be prescribed under this Ordinance ;

(c)   make provision for any purpose for which regulations are authorised or required to be made by any provision of this Ordinance ;

(d)   for the purpose of securing conformity with the provisions of this Ordinance or otherwise, amend, modify the application of, repeal, abolish or revoke any provision or rule of Jaw in force immediately before the commencement of this Ordinance and which touches upon any matter in relation to which provision is made in this Ordinance.