EIGHTH SCHEDULE                    (Section 343)


Short Title of Enactment

Extent of Repeal

The Commercial Code (Code de Commerce).

Articles 29 to 37 inclusive, 40 and 45

The Companies (Designation) Ordinance.

The whole Ordinance

The Oversea Corporations Ordinance 1959

The whole Ordinance

The Civil and Commercial Pledges (Amendment) Ordinance, 1965.

In section 5 the words "shares and debentures in a company or", the words "shares or debentures or", the words "shares, debentures or" and in the marginal note thereto the words "shares, debentures and".

The Land Registration Ordinance, 1965.

In section 73(1) the words "or order" wherever they appear.

The Companies (Debentures and Floating Charges) Ordinance, 1970.

Sections 4 to 11 inclusive, and sections 14, 17, 18, 19, 20(2) and 22.

I certify that this is a correct copy of the Bill which was passed by the Legislative Assembly on the 8th day of March, 1972.


Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.