Supplementary powers of the court

301. The court may, as to all matters relating to the winding up of a company, have regard to the wishes of the shareholders, contributories, creditors and debenture holders Gf the company, as proved to it by any sufficient evidence, and may, if it thinks fit, for the purpose of ascertaining those wishes, direct meetings of shareholders, contributories, creditors, or debenture holders to be called, held, and conducted in such manner as the court directs, and may appoint a person to act as chairman of any such meeting and to report the result thereof to the court.

302.—(1) Any affidavit required to be sworn under the provisions or for the purposes of this Part of this Ordinance may be sworn in Seychelles or elsewhere before any court, judge or person lawfully authorised to take and receive affidavits or sworn declarations.

(2) All courts, judges, magistrates, and other persons acting judicially shall take judicial notice of the seal or stamp or signature, as the case may be, of any such court, judge or person, attached, appended, or subscribed to any such affidavit, or to any other document to be used for the purposes of this Part of this Ordinance.