(Act 8 of 1995)


In exercise of the powers conferred by section 14 of the international Trade Zone Act, 1995, the Minister of Finance and Communications hereby makes the following Regulations —


1. These Regulations may be cited as the International Trade Zone (Employment) Regulations, 1997

2. In these Regulations —

"Authority" means the Authority for the time being designated or constitued under section 5 of the Act, and means also any person authorised by the Authority.

"compensation" means any amount paid by an employer to a worker in accordance with the stipulations of an employment contract entered into by and between that employer and worker.

"employer" means a person having a worker in the employ of that person or where that person is absent from the zone where the person is operating, the authorised representative in that zone of that person, and means also the manager, agent or other responsible person acting on behalf of the employer;

"outer island" means any or the islands listed in Schedule 5 of the Employment Act;

"retirement age" means the age at which a person qualifies for a retirement pension under the Social Security Act;

"S.I.B.A." means the Seychelles International Business Authority established under the Seychelles. International Business Authority Act;

"Union" in relation to a worker means a trade union registered under the Industrial Relations Act of which the worker is a member;

"wages" means the remuneration, earnings or any allowances, however calculated, expressed in terms of money payable to a worker in respect to work done under the contract of employment of the worker but does not include payment for overtime work or other incidental purposes;

"worker" means a person of the age of 15 years and above in employment in a zone;

"zone" has the same meaning as in the Act.

3. (1) Subject to subregulation (2), these Regulations apply to a contract of employment entered into for service in a zone.

(2) The Minister may, on the Authority's recommendations, exempt:—

(a) any contract of employment entered into for service in a


(b) any person or category of persons employed by a person carrying on business in azone in respect of that business;

(c) any business carried on in a zone,

from the operation of all or any of the provisions of these Regulations subject to such conditions as the Minister thinks fit.

(3)Where provision is made under these Regulations for the hearing and determination of any matter in relation to a contract of employment to which these Regulations apply, any remedy or relief granted under the Regulations in respect of that matter shall, subject to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, be binding on the parties to the hearing or determination