4. (1) For the purposes of these Regulations, there shall be established a Council called the Employment Council, consisting of a Chairman appointed under subregulation (2) and such other members as may be appointed under subregulation (3):

(2) The Minister shall appoint a person to be the Chairman of the Council, and the Chairman shall hold office during the pleasure of the Minister;

(3) The other members of the Council shall be appointed by the Minister for such term as the Minister may determine and shall consist of the following persons —

(a) the Managing Director of S.I.B.A or the representative of the Managing Director.

(b) two persons representing the Ministry responsible for Employment;

(c) two persons representing the persons carrying on business in the zones;

(d) one person representing the Minister responsible for the administration of the International Trade Zone Act, 1995;

(e) two persons representing the workers employed in the zones,

(4) The Council shall meet at such time and place, and as often as may be decided by the Chairman, and four members present at any meeting of the Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business.

(5) A decision of the majority of the members of the Council present and voting at any meeting of the Council shall be a decision of the Council.

(6) The Chairman of the Council shall have an original as well as a casting vote.

(7) Subject to subregulations (4), (5) and (6), the Council may regulate its own procedure and, in particular, the holding of meetings, the notice to be given of such meetings, the proceedings thereat, the keeping of minutes and the custody, production and inspection of such minutes.

5.(1) The functions of the Employment Council shall be to advise the Minister and the Authority on all matters relating to employment in the zones.

(2) The Employment Council shall have the power, in the exercise of its functions, to enquire into any matters or things related to the employment conditions in the zone and for this purpose may summon any person to give evidence on oath or affirmation or produce any document or material necessary for the purpose of the enquiry.

(3) The Authority may from time to time consult the Employment Council for die proper and effective implementation of these Regulations.