Schedule 1


1. In this Part "worker" includes an unemployed person.

2.(1) Wherever an employer or worker is empowered by or under these Regulations to initiate the grievance procedure, the employer or worker may, within 14 days of becoming aware of the event, act or matter giving rise to the grievance, register a grievance with the Authority furnishing the Authority with all the information the Authority may require.

(2) Where there exist internal procedures for resolving disputes between employer and worker or where the information required under subparagraph (1) is not furnished to the Authority, the Authority may suspend registration of the grievance until satisfied that the internal procedures have been exhausted or have proven inconclusive or until the Authority has at hand the information required.

(3) An employer or worker who fails to register a grievance within the time specified under subparagraph (1) loses the right to do so, but the Authority, if satisfied that registration within the time was impracticable or if the Authority has itself suspended registration under subparagraph (2), shall allow registration out of time.

3.(1) Where the grievance relates to any matter, other than the termination of a worker's contract of employment, the Authority shall immediately upon the grievance being registered refer the matter to the Union, if any, and the Union may consult with the employer and worker concerned with the object of resolving the matter by agreement after the Authority' approval.

(2) Where, within 14 days after a referral to the Union under subparagraph (1), no agreement has been reached or the Union has failed to enter into consultation as required under subparagraph (1), or where the worker is not a member of a Union the Authority shall, upon inquiry into the grievance, determine the matter.

4. The Authority seized of a grievance relating to the termination of worker's contract of employment or to refusal of access to employment shall, within 7 days after registration of the grievance, invite the worker, the Union, if any, the employer and employers' organisation, if any, for consultation.

5. (1) The Authority shall keep a record of the consultations held pursuant to paragraph 4 and shall file any evidence or documents produced and any written submission made.

(2) Following the conclusion of consultations the Authority considers the case and makes the determination.

(3) A determination by the Authority under this paragraph shall be made within 42 days after the date of registration of the grievance.

6. The employer or worker may, not later than 7 days after being notified of a determination by the Authority under paragraph 3(2) or paragraph 5(3) register an appeal to the Minister against that determination.

7. Where the same grievance is registered by a number of workers against the same employer a joint procedure may be followed.

8. This procedure is also subject to Part II of this Schedule.