(Act 3 of 2003)

I assent

F.A. Rene President

30th July, 2003

AN ACT to regulate interactive gambling and to provide for connected matters.

ENACTED by the President and the National Assembly.

Part I - Preliminary

1. This Act may be cited as the Interactive Gambling Act 2003 and shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may appoint by notice published in the Gazette.

2. In this Act —

"auditor" means a person who is qualified for appointment as an auditor under section 157( 1) of the Companies Act and is approved by the Director;

"authorised game" means an interactive game that a licensee is authorised to conduct under this Act;

"Director'' means the Director of Interactive Gambling appointed under section 38;

"executive associate" in relation to a licensee, means a person who occupies or acts in a managerial position in the operations of the licensee;

"game" includes a scheme or arrangement;

"player" means a person who participates in an interactive game;

"interactive game" means a game in which —

(a) a prize consisting of money or something else is offered, or can be won, under the rules of the game, and

(b) a player—

(i) enters, or takes a step in, the game by means of a telecommunication device; and

(ii) gives or undertakes to give a monetary payment or other valuable consideration to enter, in the course of, or for, the game; and

(c) the winner of a prize is decided —

(i) wholly or partly by chance; or

(ii) by a competition or other activity in which the outcome is wholly or partly dependant on the player's skill,

and it includes a game declared by regulation to be an interactive game having regard to the nature, value or frequency of prizes offered in the game and other relevant matters;

"licensee" means a person licensed under this Act to conduct interactive games.