PART I - Preliminary

1. Short title and commencement

2. Interpretation

PART II - Mutual Fund

3. Conditions for a mutual fund to trade in Seychelles

4. Mutual fund licences

5. Annual audit

6. Annual fee

PART III - Mutual Fund Administrator

7. Mutual Fund Administrator must be licenced to trade in Seychelles

8. Licence

9. Certain restrictions regarding shares, directors and registered office of a licensed mutual fund administrator

10. Authority may direct a licensed mutual fund administrator to increase its share capital etc.

11. Obligation of licensed mutual fund administration in relation to a mutual fund

12. Licensed mutual fund administrator to have annual audit

PART IV - Authority

13. Authority

PART V - Supervisory Power Of Authority

14. Power to require change of name

15. Power to require special audit

16. Power to request information or explanation in relation to licensed mutual fund or licensed mutual fund administrator

17. Power to request access to records

18. Power to request information in connection with trading without licence

19. Power of Authority to apply for court order

20. Other powers of Authority in respect of licensed mutual fund

21. Other powers of Authority in respect of a licensed mutual fund administrator

PART VI - Miscellaneous Provisions

22. Secrecy

23. Obligation of auditors

24. Right to make representation on revocation of licence

25. Appeal against an action of Authority

26. Obligation of directors

27. Exemption

28. Offences

29. Continuing offences

30. Regulations Schedule