Why go Offshore

Offshore companies, like domestic, are totally separate legal entities to any individual that may own them. This very simple fact allows an offshore company despite the fact that its owner may live thousands of miles away to be subject to the laws and taxes of the place where it has been registered and/or managed in the case of non-resident companies.

Therefore, if the jurisdiction of your choice has no corporate taxes then your company will have no tax obligations although obviously your personal tax position might be different.

The legislation of offshore centres in the Caribbean, Central America and in the Pacific region in most cases provides the high level of privacy and anonymity. In the majority of jurisdictions the details of directors and shareholders are not available to third parties, and very often to state institutions. The disclosure of this information is subject to strict financial sanctions, and even to imprisonment without suspension.

Offshore/tax exempt company can afford many significant and legal tax savings throughout the world, provide you and your company with a competitive advantage, afford confidentiality/security and perhaps even save on future inheritance taxes.

However, as the exact benefits that are available to you and your company will depend greatly on nationality, location and other such factors it is always recommended that you first seek appropriate professional advice before registering your company.