There are two categories of shares that may represent the ownership of your Company. The tradition type we have domestically is the Registered Share, which is recorded with the Government Registrar. Registered share certificates indicate the name of the owner on the document. The name of the shareholder is also recorded in the internal corporate records of the company. Although the registered owner is recorded in the corporation's internal records, no public registry of shareholders is maintained. The share registry is an internal corporate document available only to directors, officers and shareholders, under conditions specified in the jurisdiction's corporate statute.

The more popular (for privacy purposes), is the Bearer Share, which is not registered. The main advantage of Bearer Shares, is that there is no indication of the name of the owner. The certificate is endorsed in blank such that the person having physical possession of the document is the owner.

To keep your Company a true foreign entity, you should not hold your Bearer Shares at home. It is best to keep the Bearer Shares offshore, and preferably held by a Private Foundation so that any onshore regulator has difficulty arguing that you are the beneficial owner.  Alternatively, an offshore Trustee could render a private safeguarding service, that only you have access to the Bearer Shares. Never leave IBC shares in a safety deposit box at a local chartered bank or credit union.