Offshore Company Structure

Seychelles IBC is an independent legal entity having the same powers as a natural person.

Seychelles offshore company must have at least one director who can be a natural person or a corporation. Directors may be of any nationality and may reside in any country.

Meetings of directors and shareholders need not be held in the Seychelles; there is no requirement for a regular Annual General Meeting. Meetings can be held by telephone or other electronic means, alternatively, directors and shareholders may vote by proxy.

There is the widest range of variants how to form corporate structure of the Seychelles IBC. A minimum of only one shareholder is required for incorporation; both shareholder and director may be the same person. There is no requirements as to the nationality of directors or shareholders for Seychelles IBC. The company does not have to appoint any other officers apart from the director.

Seychelles IBCs may issue registered shares or bearer shares, any of them may be designated as voting or non-voting shares, shares having more or less than one vote per share, voted only on certain cases. Shares may be voted only when held by persons who meet specified requirements, non par value shares, unnumbered shares, common shares, preferred shares, redeemable shares, etc.