The Future of Offshore Industry

In the 21st century there are significant changes in world geo-politics. The current world population is increasing most rapidly in the Asian region (China), and there is increasing demand for higher living standards and better work opportunities. All these changing factors now create political and economic instability. Governments in almost all the countries have to levy high taxes to meet these expectations and the associated costs to provide new and improved infrastructure. Accordingly, this influences also the development and growth of the offshore industry in all the regions of the world.

For example, we can consider the factor of development of South Asian region. Now about 45 million people in the Asian countries enjoy the living standards of European middle class, and their number is expected to grow. So, it is not surprising that South East Asia will soon become the world's largest market either for consumer goods or for financial services.

The users of International Financial Centers are expecting the high quality service at reasonable costs, high level of confidentiality and perfect investment schemes.

Modern offshore jurisdictions are competing with onshore financial centers by the development of following factors: